Marine Life

Mauritius boasts a huge range of sea treasures and infinite wealth. The Mauritian sea never fails to surprise : multi-coloured fish, moray eels, magnificent coral beds.
Skin-diving masks, flippers and scuba diving equipment … enjoy one of the happiest experiences in the world! Whether you are in a diving suit or in a submarine, Mauritius can introduce you to the secrets of its submarine world.One of the most spectacular ways to explore the ocean beds is to go on board the Blue Safari submarine. You will enjoy a superb encounter with the marine life and get a chance to see various wrecks dating back to the 17th century. Night diving, «honeymoon» diving and training sessions are available.

«Le Nessee», a semi-submersible, will provide you a one hour trip under the sea in complete safety. A unique experience with optimal viewing for passengers of all ages. And for those who want to experience the feeling
of walking on the sea bed, «Undersea Walk Ltd» will help you enjoy the thrill in complete safety.