Last December, for three consecutive nights, the city dazzled 1 of 3 Mauritians who wandered the illuminated, vibrant streets late into the night. People of all ages and ethnicities stood in awe at the capital’s beauty and liveliness. The contemporary cultural festival removed religious, cultural, generational and social barriers, bringing instead the Mauritian people together as one community.

This year’s theme, ‘People’, stems from the desire to start a dialogue surrounding our identity, multicultural coexistence and the fate of our historic capital, Port Louis. The second edition places people at the heart of cities, for cities are fundamentally tied to its dwellers –those who inhabit its corners, streets and buildings, and those who drift in and out daily. Port Louis with its palm-laced avenue, waterfront, narrow streets, winding streets, paved and cobblestone streets, is where all communities come together. It is truly the gateway to Mauritius. ‘People’ is about instilling a renewed energy into our capital, our heritage. It is a celebration of culture, essential to city joys. There will be 50,000 m2 of pedestrian zones filled with art, light installations, murals, projections, concerts, shows and exhibitions. Our hope is that the festival encourages all of us to write the History of Port Louis together. What is your dream for Port Louis, we ask. The theme ‘People’ encourages us to contemplate and reflect on a communal vision, to begin a dialogue and above all, take action.